2017 Seven Week Singer's Voice Clinic

May 18th — June 29th

2017 Seven Week Singer's Voice Clinic
First United Methodist Church
535 Old San Francisco Road Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Ticket Information

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Event Description

2017 Seven Week Singer's Voice Clinic

Free Voice Lessons provided by the Peninsulaires. Seven Thursdays from May 18, 2017 through June 29. Full details are at FreeVoiceLessons.net.

The Singer's Voice Clinic will address topics such as: How to properly “warm up” the voice; the importance of posture; the use of the body's resonance chambers; preventing getting hoarse; the impact of pronunciation on audience enjoyment, and much more.

Week 7 will be a combined Open House and Recital with the clinic attendees, the Peninsulaires Chorus, and the Lovely Ladies of BASC. Invite your friends to the the Open House to show them what you've learned!