Aaron Gibson w/ Jonathon Robins and Vanessa Graniero

Friday, February 9, 2018 — 8:00 pm

Aaron Gibson w/ Jonathon Robins and Vanessa Graniero
Velvet Underground at Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta
215 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303

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8:30 PM Show / All Ages Event



Aaron Gibson


Aaron Gibson developed his love for music when he attempted his first open mic at the suggestion of his father. He earned a business degree and joined the corporate world after graduation, but ultimately choice to purse his dream of performing. He began working open mics and playing local shows with his bandmates, but his moment finally came through NBC's The Voice where Aaron was cast as a season 11 contestant.


Now having returned home to Atlanta, Aaron has been performing across the country as a singer/songwriter and as front man of his four piece Band.

Joined by Corbin Hoats(Guitar/Vocals), Terry Craft(Drums), and Justin Isasi(Bass), Aaron released his first full length album "That's What" in May of 2017,  It features 12 tracks including "This Disaster," which has been featured on Atlanta's Rock 100.5.


Aaron also has a passion for giving back to the community and has volunteered as a counselor at a camp for kids with Tourette’s syndrome. He has worked Camp Twitch and Shout for 6 years and continues to return each summer to interact with the campers who have poured out their love and support week after week during his Voice appearances.



Jonathon Robins


When he was in grade school, Jonathon Robins taught himself to sing on a toy karaoke machine. He practiced between the time he got home from school and the time his parents got home from work. At the age of twenty-two he entered and won a radio contest that landed him his first gig, singing the national Anthem to a crowd of 40,000 at an Atlanta Falcons football game.

He spent the next few years honing his songwriting and stage-craft by attending Atlanta’s best songwriter open mic nights at venues such as Eddies Attic (John Mayer, Shawn Mullins, the Civil Wars). During the day he worked on finding an online audience. After some trial and error he began building a fan-base on Youtube by posting live performances of cover songs in a variety of unconventional settings.  A recent video of Jonathon performing an Adele cover in an empty parking lot garnered over 300,000 views.


Jonathon’s musical style is rooted in classic soul music but often wanders into the realm of contemporary pop and country music. His musical idols include Sam Cooke, Amos Lee, Ryan Tedder, and Chris Martin.

Jonathon has been steadily releasing studio recordings of his original work since 2013 . His most recent single “Here for You” released in 2015 was picked up by the film “First World First Dates” and is featured in the trailer. The film is slated for release this summer.

This year he won a nomination for the 2016 Georgia Music Awards. 

Jonathon writes about his hopes, dreams and personal battles. He finds what’s universal in his own story so he can better connect with his listeners.

After an intense lock-out recording session at Degraw Sound recordings studio in Brooklyn, New York with producer Harper James, Jonathon recently released his first EP “Trouble”.



Vanessa Graniero


Atlanta native, Vanessa Graniero, has been performing for fifteen years. Starting out as a towheaded tomboy, Vanessa was heavily influenced by her three older brothers who were all avid musicians. She immersed herself in grunge and classic rock, motown and 90's pop. Over the years, she built a strong foundation for a career in the music industry with her education being both experiential and trained.


She studied with the world renowned vocal coach Mama Jan of Jan Smith Studios and in 2015 she was brought on board as a part of the studio team. From coffee houses to concert halls, Vanessa's passion and talent have been made evident time and time again with her soulful blend of haunting melodies and honest vulnerability. You can follow the journey on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram