Amy Lyndon in Atlanta

Friday, November 1st through Sunday, November 3rd

Amy Lyndon in Atlanta
Wieuca Road Baptist Church
3626 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta, GA 30326

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Event Description

Amy Lyndon in Atlanta

Booking Coach AMY LYNDON is coming to Atlanta!

AMY LYNDON is the author of the Revolutionary World-Famous The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking and is responsible for 50+ Network Series Regulars, an Emmy Award Winner, an Imagen Award Winner and 1000’s of actors working around the globe!

As a Former Personal Manager for 9 years, an Actress with over 100 IMDB Credits, a Multi-Award Winning Director/Producer/Writer and her Technique taught at Universities, Amy will give you the tools on how you can WIN and BEAT YOUR COMPETITION!

You will learn a PROVEN BOOKING TECHNIQUE to help you study smarter, feel empowered in your auditions and realize the career of your dreams.



(Friday, November 1st @ 6pm - 9pm)


There is a special set of skills you need to develop to always blow your auditions out of the water. It’s not just luck, or just being a good actor, good actors are everywhere – you need something extra…

You need to LEARN HOW TO BOOK!

Amy will dispel the myths of the audition process and provide you with an effective, straightforward approach to nailing your auditions and booking work as an actor.  



Do you have a better Audition in the car on the way home?

Do you suffer from nerves?

Do you have a hard time remembering your lines?

Do you pick up the energy in the room?

Do you know what you are doing?

Are you tired of feeling rejected?

Are you in Call Back Hell?

Do you want to learn how to break down a scene?

Do you want to beat your competition?

Do you want to be in your heart and not in your head?

Want to skip to the front of the line without previous training?

Have you spent a ton of money and still nothing is changing?

There will be a Q & A Session at the end of THE LECTURE

please come with your questions ready. 


THE INTENSIVE (Saturday, Novmeber 2nd @ 9am - 5pm)

Acting is only one part of the audition, and a successful actor MUST know all the parts of an audition and how to navigate them like a pro! 

Just to be clear: This is NOT an acting class. 

This is a BOOKING class.


First portion of THE INTENSIVE, Amy will discuss and teach The Technique. 


Performers Work The Lyndon Technique

Are you ready to see The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map to Booking applied?

You will GET UP ON YOUR FEET and learn how to break down a scene from the perspective of the writer so that the producers (the decision makers) see that you understand and can execute the vision of the character.

Second portion of THE INTENSIVE students will perform their scenes applying The Technique. 

Since the class is designed to mimic a real audition, the students DO NOT rehearse with their scene partner. It’s like a screen test. Feedback will be based solely on The Technique. 

After obtaining The Technique, you will always know what you are doing and have a definite way of working to achieve greatness.


THE MASTERCLASS (Sunday, November 3rd @ 9am - 5pm)

All actors enrolled must have completed THE INTENSIVE prior to admission. 

*Space is limited to 15 actors for personalized attention

THE MASTERCLASS is a deeper dive into the application of the Lyndon Technique. 

The philosophy of booking along with the business principles will be covered and the class will be customized to meet the specific needs and goals for the individual actors in the class.















WATCH THE VIMEO LECTURE SERIES – Learn The Lyndon Technique at home Online - Anytime before attending classes at  



“The Actor must approach acting like an Olympic Athlete. The more you practice the necessary skills, the more you will book. When a high level of discipline and concentration on the work is achieved, you will see incredible results.”  

Amy Lyndon