Saturday, July 22, 2017 — 7:30 pm

The Train Depot
106 Depot Street Lawrenceville, GA 30046

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Hailing from the swamplands of Southern Georgia, raised on a heady blend of rock-and-roll and blues and classic country, Beau + Luci mine their rich musical heritage to dream up an extraordinarily timeless sound. On their upcoming debut EP, the two sisters infuse their earthy yet lushly textured folk-rock with naturally immaculate harmonies that never fail to captivate. And in their songwriting, 18-year-old Beau and 21-year-old Luci reveal both a sublime sense of wonder and a graceful sophistication well beyond their years.

Produced by Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, Aaron Shust), Beau + Luci s debut EP finds the duo collaborating with a host of esteemed musicians, including guitarist Scott Sharrard and keyboardist Peter Levin (both members of the Gregg Allman Band) as well as keyboardist Rami Jaffee (best known for his work with Foo Fighters and the Wallflowers). Throughout the EP, Beau + Luci show a sharp sense of songcraft honed through their near-lifelong studying of legends like Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash. At the same time, the two channel pure passion into each track, instilling the EP with a powerful energy. “With our songwriting, our main goal is to take what’s in our heads and hearts and express it in a way that people can connect with,” says Luci. “We want to be as honest as possible, and dig really deep with the hope that someone can listen and say, ‘Someone else is feeling the same thing I’m feeling — I’m not alone.’”

Along with drawing from real-life experience, Beau + Luci weave in elements of visionary storytelling throughout the EP. Inspired by a central character from Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart trilogy — a fire-eater named Dustfinger — the intensely charged “Fire Dancer” explores what Luci refers to as “the idea of taking something that could be used for destruction and instead using it to give hope.” On “Like a Drum,” meanwhile, Beau + Luci merge urgent rhythms and serpentine guitar work with brilliantly chilling lyrics (“The devil’s been beating me down/He wants my freedom”). “‘Like a Drum" is about going through a difficult time, where there’s this constant wear and tear on your heart and you feel like you can’t get any relief,” says Beau. “But it’s also a refusal to give into that — it’s saying, ‘You’re not going to beat me down, I’m going to keep on going no matter what.” Rounding out the EP are several inspired covers, with Beau + Luci offering their soulful and spirited take on songs by artists as eclectic as Emmylou Harris, One Direction, and Arctic Monkeys.

Born to musically inclined parents — their dad played drums all through high school and college, while their mom played piano — Beau + Luci grew up just a few miles from the Okefenokee Swamp and started singing in the church choir as little kids. In 2012, they formed a youth worship band at their church and took the helm as lead singers. “It was our first time performing with a live backing band, and it made us realize that music was our calling,” says Luci. The two then dedicated themselves to writing and self-recording their own songs, and soon began performing live. In summer 2015, the duo drew the attention of Hannon, who dropped by a Beau + Luci show in Atlanta and promptly invited them to his studio to set to work on their debut EP.

Self-described “flower children with rock-and-roll souls,” Beau + Luci have recently expanded their musical repertoire by learning to play guitar, keys, and percussion. They’re also continuing to sharpen their songwriting, in addition to developing their live performance. “We’re both very shy people, which was tough for us at first,” notes Beau. “But even though we’re shy, we can still get up onstage with the confidence of knowing that we’ve put all our heart and soul into our songs.” And in each live show, Beau + Luci have found that those songs take on an even greater emotional depth and power. “The electric shows have a lot of energy and the acoustic shows are much more intimate, but both shows allow us to join in this amazing moment with the people in the crowd,” says Luci. “It’s like we’re all able to share our stories together, and for a moment everyone just understands each other perfectly.”