Disney Trivia Night (Ri Ra)

Sunday, July 14, 2019 — 8:00 pm

Disney Trivia Night (Ri Ra)
Ri Ra Irish Pub
1080 Peachtree St NE #1 Atlanta, GA , GA 30309

Ticket Information

We're sorry! This event is no longer selling tickets in advance. Check below for more information.

Event Description

Disney Trivia Night (Ri Ra)

Do you sleep with a stuffed Simba? Are you still traumatized by the death of Bambi's mom? Have you been staring at the edge of the water as long as you can remember, never really knowing why? Wonder no longer because we're bringing you Disney Trivia! Put on your glass slippers, wake up your ancestors and get to a quiz!


We are giving away hundreds of American Dollars to the top teams, gift cards, and adding in a bunch of Disney related prizes. It's just $5 per person to play!




What will be covered in this quiz?

The questions will cover the theatrically released films produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Should I wear a costume?

YES! There will absolutely be a costume contest.


How is the prize amount determined?

In most cases, the prize amount is 50% of the total take. Why not 100%? Because we have to cover our costs of producing and marketing these event quizzes. If the pot is sufficiently large, we'll split it between first and second or first, second and third place.


Do spectators have to pay?

Yes. Yes, they do. Spectators generally have to pay for sporting events, right?


Can my dad/girlfriend/friend sit at our table and not play?

No. Eight people max on a team and all players must pay. If they're sitting with you and not playing, we're going to ask that they move.


How long will the quiz last?

Our regular quizzes run about 2 hours, but themed quizzes require a bit more heavy lifting in terms of logistics, scoring and extra stuff we may have planned. Average is about 2 1/2 hours.


Can I get a refund?

Sorry, there are NO refunds for this event, but you can sell your ticket.