Flowers - A Stage Play

Saturday, December 7, 2019 — 2:55 pm

Flowers - A Stage Play
AWP Studios (Barefoot Playhouse)
8560 Holcomb Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA 30022

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Flowers - A Stage Play

1st Show 3:00 PM

2nd Show 7:00 PM

Flowers follow the stories of five women whose lives intertwine as they deal with the tense situations life bestowed on them. Among the characters are the Woman in Uniform, whose chains are far beyond the prison garb she finds herself in; the Woman in Waiting, whose cultural custom rites come back to hurt her; the Woman in Charge, who goes through life with the notion that leading is the only resolve; the Woman on the Shelf, the vibrant wife of a socialite whose desires are not met; and the Woman of Pleasure, who knows everything about what men want.

The heartfelt melodrama touches on the realities of many social issues facing women in many different cultures today.  With quick wit, sometimes humorous monologues along with lessons audience members can relate to, these five women chronicle their past, while living in the present, however having a brighter hope for what the future holds. 

Through their monologues, the world experience their pains, struggles, dreams, hopes, and desires for redemption and salvation.

Come experience another masterpiece production from the stables of Baneo Theatre Xperience (BaneoTX) that would leave you wanting more!!!

Recommended for audience members 18+ due to adult language and humor

For more info call +1 678-726-9753

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Woman on the Shelf

Review by Gigi