Get Shamrocked 2017 Launch Party

Saturday, March 4, 2017 — 1:00 pm

Get Shamrocked 2017 Launch Party
Tin Roof
401 G Street San Diego, CA 92101

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Event Description

Get Shamrocked 2017 Launch Party

The Tin Roof will host Get Shamrocked's first ever launch party for an exclusive and intimate 2017 pre party Celtic bash in the heart of the Gas lamp area in Downtown San Diego. We are thrilled that The Rumjacks will be headlining this epic event as we get together and look forward to September 2017 and we announce the Get Shamrocked 2017 Fest line-up. This Get Shamrocked reunion brings together Brick Top Blaggers, Hoist The Colors, Quel Bordel to get the party started before Australia's #1 Celtic rockers play their first ever gig in the USA! Look out San Diego you are about to GET well and truly SHAMROCKED!  
The Rumjacks hail from Sydney, Australia and were formed in 2008. Without doubt they are now a major force in the Celtic music world. From their heavy Celtic roots to the driving punk rock or even ska/reggae rhythms, well-oiled sing-alongs & choking ballads. They draw on so many influences and play good solid Punk rock with a fat smear of Celtic folk right through it. Gaining cult status and You Tube infamy for "An Irish Pub Song" their new album "Sleepin' Rough" is a great piece of work with critical acclaim and you can be part of the story to see this band play their first ever gig in the USA! Don't miss this chance.