Gr8FL Dude and Bald in the Way September 26th

Saturday, September 26, 2020 — 8:00 pm

Gr8FL Dude and Bald in the Way September 26th
From The Earth Brewing Company
1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd Roswell, GA 30076

Ticket Information

We're sorry! This event is no longer selling tickets in advance. Check below for more information.

Event Description

Join us for a drive-in style concert with Grateful Dude with supprot act Bald in the way on September 26th at 8 pm! You may purchase reserved spaces or “Boxes” for up to 4 guests to occupy. We ask that you maintain 6 feet from other concert-goers in the adjacent Boxes! You are welcome to bring small umbrellas, chairs, and a small table to set up in your box.  You are welcome to bring small umbrellas, chairs, and a small table to set up in your box.  We will have servers going to each Box to keep you fed and hydrated!

Showtime will be from 8 pm-11 pm. Tickets (front row tickets $50 per space, second-row tickets are $35 and 3rd and 4th row are $25 per space. Again all spaces can accommodate up to 4 guests. Tickets will go on-sale August 24th at 12pm!

Parking: we will start parking at 7 pm and will continue to park until 7:50. Anyone arriving after 7:50 will be parked in the back.

We will enforce social distancing so please maintain 6 feet from all other Drive-in concert-goers at all times. Food and beverage will be available from FTE. Please no outside food or beverage and Ez-ups. You are welcome to bring a table and chairs to set in your box.


gr8FLdüde & frenz is a soulful rock’n’roll band that has been continuously “stealing faces” throughout Georgia and Alabama since 2007. Consisting of veteran musicians from the Atlanta jam-band scene, gr8FLdüde & frenz is well-known for performing on festival stages, intimate settings and "an evening with..." format consisting of two long sets per show. As the name implies, most of the material performed by gr8FLdüde & frenz comes from the vast Grateful Dead catalog of songs from 1965 through 1995.

gr8FLdüde & frenz is Atlanta’s longest running Grateful Dead tribute act, and is the only band to perform at each and every one of the 13 annual Jerry Day ATL celebrations!

Check out our FB page where you can view live gr8FLdüde & frenz performance videos from gigs over the past 13+ years and stay in touch with what's happening on the DeadHead scene in Georgia as we are tightly connected with all of the Dead cover bands in the region.


Bald and in the Way was formed with a deep love of bluegrass music, Grateful Dead and a shared family history of male pattern baldness. Jerry Garcia had strong bluegrass roots long before he joined The Grateful Dead and continued to play with many acoustic outfits throughout his life. Bald and in the Way draws material from Garcia's several acoustic-leaning side projects (such as "Old and in the Way" where they derived their namesake ) as well as timeless Grateful Dead classics. This is a show for casual and hardcore Deadheads, bluegrass aficionados and amateurs, music lovers and everyone in between. Expect tight-harmonies, fast-pickin' and a whole lot of grinnin'!

Scott Glazer - upright bass Michael Chesin - guitar, mandolin Roger Baldowski - banjo Max Godfrey - fiddle, mandolin Parker Smith - guitar