Harry Potter TriWizard Quiz at Fado Buckhead

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 — 8:00 pm

Harry Potter TriWizard Quiz at Fado Buckhead
Fado Irish Pub - Buckhead
273 Buckhead Avenue Atlanta, GA 30305

Ticket Information

We're sorry! This event is no longer selling tickets in advance. Check below for more information.

Event Description

Harry Potter TriWizard Quiz at Fado Buckhead


Admission is $5 per person and tickets must be reserved in advanced with the funds raised from admission going into a pot that will be awarded to the victors. May the best wizards and witches win!

Team Captains, please note:
1) Select the ticket type with the number of team members. You'll buy 1 ticket and it covers your team. 
2) We ask that the entire team arrives by 
7:15 pm for check-in. There are no refunds if your team members don't show up on the night.

So do you know the magical world of Harry Potter? Well, tell us this. How many Horcruxes were there? Do you know why one eats chocolate after a dementor attack? How about the Elder Wand? Could you name the wizards who owned it?


Why don't you put your knowledge where the microphone is? That's right, FADO Irish Pub is having another Harry Potter TriWizard Quiz (Trivia Night) on February 20th (8pm), and only the most knowledgable witches and wizards need apply!

Make like a Ravenclaw and show off your wit and intelligence as you compete against other wizarding world experts. The winning team may not get the house cup, but there is a cash prize!

BONUS: Attend both the Feb. 20th Harry Potter TriWizard Quiz and Feb. 24th POTTER PROM (produced by Markster Con) which will earn you enough house points to get a FREE TICKET to a future MarksterCon.com event of your choice in addition to the chance to win a Markster Con Golden Party Pass (which gets the lucky owner one free year of Markster Con events). For all wizards and witches who attend BOTH events FADO Irish Pub will also give you one FREE pass to their March 10, Outdoor St Practice Day party! (NOTE: pre-purchased tickets required for both events in order to be eligible).

Make sure to round up your TriWizard Team and reserve your spaces now!

ABOUT: FADO Irish Pub & Restaurant in Buckhead, known for hosting the largest and most die-hard Harry Potter trivia nights is pairing up with Markster Con, known for producing the annual Atlanta WIZARD'S BALL and POTTER PUB CRAWL, in addition to many other year-round geek events. These two forces together are sure to make for a most magical and must-attend Potter Quiz night Atlanta has never seen. Not to mention both FADO and MarksterCon.com are pairing up for the POTTER PROM the following Saturday (Feb. 24th, 2018)

2/24/18 POTTER PROM – info. at www.PotterProm.com (21+)

Potter Prom Facebook event.