2018 "HOUSE in THE PARK" Event Parking at Parkside Elem

Sunday, September 2, 2018 — 10:00 am

2018 "HOUSE in THE PARK" Event Parking at Parkside Elem
Parkside Elementary School
685 Mercer St SE Atlanta, GA 30312

Ticket Information

We're sorry! This event is no longer selling tickets in advance. Check below for more information.

Event Description

2018 "HOUSE in THE PARK" Event Parking at Parkside Elem





We have three (3) pricing levels/options for HITP guests:

  1. $10 = Early Bird (10AM-2PM)
  2. $20 = Late/Normal (after 2PM----ONLY POSSIBLE if cars depart and open up new spaces)
  3. $20 Reserved Space in Advance (SOLD OUT)

Option #3 above is the new convenience we are offering this year.  By purchasing a reserved parking space, you may arrive at any time with the peace of mind knowing your space is waiting for you.  This option was requested by several of you in 2017 after arriving later in the day and seeing that all spaces had been sold (thank you for the suggestion).

NOTE: The other options (Early Bird and Late/Normal) are only available on-premise the day of the event via cash/credit (not sold in advance online).

This is our third year of providing this safe, secure, convenient parking option for the fantastic supporters and attendees of HOUSE IN THE PARK (HITP).  All proceeds from this fundraising effort benefit the PTA of PARKSIDE ELEMENTARY----so you know your support is HELPING OUR AMAZING KIDS and TEACHERS (thank you).

House in the Park (HITP) is a musical exploration of the soul and a vision to see House Music become a unifying movement, transcending every strata of society – ethnic identification, race classification, age and lifestyle. DJ Ramon “Rawsoul” Guyton, the visionary behind Rawsoul Entertainment, and Kai Alce, the man behind record label NDATL, launched House in the Park in 2005, as a gift to the city and the community that supports the monthly music-social offering “The Gathering.” HITP adds much needed variety to the Atlanta music scene and features a range of House Music’s emerging local, regional, and international talents. DJ Ramon Rawsoul orchestrates this effort simply for the joy of bringing his favorite music genre to life in a tangible, meaningful way.