Virtual Innovative Housing Summit

Thursday, September 17, 2020 — 1:00 pm

Zoom Will Open: 12:50 pm

Virtual Innovative Housing Summit
Atlanta, GA 30308

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Event Description

Virtual Innovative Housing Summit

The Innovative Housing Summit is a dynamic virtual forum organized by the MicroLife Institute and hosted by AARP Georgia. The 2020 Summit will bring together visionaries, policymakers, and professionals as well as subject matter experts from various industry sectors to explore innovative housing trends and solutions as a response to the growing demand for more environmentally-friendly, missing middle housing in the Southeast and Metro Atlanta.


To ensure the safety of our panelists and guests, or 2020 Innovative Housing Summit will be a fully virtual experience. 1pm-4pm. 


This year at the Innovative Housing Summit we will focus on three core topics: 

Responding to the Pandemic 

COVID-19 has disrupted every facet of our lives, including the housing market and the economy as a whole. How will this affect the future of housing? Although we are now in uncertain times, we must be proactive and address the immediate issues this pandemic has caused and plan for the post-pandemic future of housing. 

How will this affect the housing of the future?  We are in strange times and we need to be proactive to address the issues, the ideas in the way forward to build housing that makes sense.

Systemic Racism in our Zoning Laws

Before we can begin to undo the inequitable practices that have shaped our current housing crisis, we must first come to terms with these historical patterns of racial and economic segregation that have caused the extreme economic wealth gap in our Black and Brown communities. By working together, we can build equitable and just housing policies for ALL our neighbors. 

The extreme wealth gap due to the systemic racist laws has left a number of demographics behind. We are here to talk about the issues and how we can recognize the language that needs to change to allow for better practices. 

Innovations in the Built Environment. 

We will be speaking to developers, architects, and designers around the built environment and the innovations they are utilizing and seeing across the nation.