International Mobile Film Festival

Saturday, April 27, 2019 — 10:00 am

International Mobile Film Festival
Marina Village Conference Center
1936 Quivira Way E1 & E4 San Diego, CA 92109

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Event Description

International Mobile Film Festival

The world's official 8th Annual International Mobile Film Festival is a pioneer in the smartphone filmmaking industry. Only films shot with mobile phones qualify to participate in our film festival. This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary since we launched from the idea of a traditional film festival to only accept and screen films shot with cell phones on a big screen.

Saturday, April 27 10:00AM - 9PM

Sunday, April 28 10:00AM - 9PM

International Mobile Film Festival April 27 & 28, 2019

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Have you heard the 5 W’s of #MFF2019SanDiego? This year’s theme is Stories!

What? All films shot with smartphones. Who? Meet pioneers & the people making them. Why? Their stories will inspire you. Where? In San Diego. When? April 27-28!

Meet filmmakers and storytellers from around the globe during this inspiring film festival where all films were shot with smartphones just like yours.  #MFF2019SanDiego will screen 29 short films and 2 feature length films. Feature film directors will be in San Diego with Short film directors to answer your questions and share their stories directly with you.

Saturday, Day 1: Registration begins at 10AM. Feature and short films will screen Saturday, April 27 with special presentations. There will be breaks to network and greet the filmmakers. A restaurant on site will be available to feed everyone with an ample menu including breakfast. Don't be won't want to miss a thing! There will be a raffle at the end. *Check tickets for details.

Sunday, Day 2: Special Screenings and guest speakers, Mobile Film Q&A Panel, Red Carpet Extravaganza, & Awards Ceremony. The festival will end with a raffle! *Check tickets for details.

IMFF 2019 San Diego April 27 & 28, 2019

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#MFF2019SanDiego presents a bigger festival this year with our Stories! theme, a bigger group of filmmakers, and international guest speakers. We bring a feature film competition of films shot with smartphones which we launched in 2016. We are excited to share both films and their directors with other filmmakers and attendees. They will arrive from L.A. and Australia. Bring your smartphone and celebrate the film industry phenomenon that is mobile filmmaking with smartphones. All ages welcome. Free parking in parking lot. Delicious restaurant on site serving full breakfast and lunch menu. 

*Each paid ticket holder will receive a raffle ticket to win a mobile filmmaking swag prize at the end of each day. Children 7 and older are elligible with paid ticket. Must be present to win.

Special Guest Speakers

CK Goldiing Special Guest Speaker from UK


John Woosley Special Guest Speaker from Missouri

A short presentation & film screening by Global Mobile Film Awards™ with Matteo Tibiletti, coming from Italy to San Diego. Matteo won the 2018 Best Experimental Film Award. He will present an Honorary GMFA Judge Award to one attending filmmaker from the short film competition.

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*With the exception of some adult themed films, all ages are welcome. 

Collaborative Partner: Freevision - Movies Stories, Revolutionary Visions. 


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