Leah Calvert CD Release Party

Saturday, October 14, 2017 — 9:00 pm

Leah Calvert CD Release Party
The Vista Room
2836 LaVista Road Decatur, GA 30033

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Leah Calvert CD Release Party

I found myself in a dark cave at the onset of life with but a fiddle and a bow. Needless to say I was confused at first; rausted from my uterine slumber to the sight of these alien tools was enough to confuse any beast. Instinct alone tutored me in the ways of putting hair to string. I soon discovered that two thick strings rested below my torso and could carry me much like the cave winds that sent my tunes bouncing across stone face walls. Emerging from the darkness I found an unabiding light from above calling itself The Dappled Grays. Upon this  discovery, my voice shortly followed as the orb of Grays was needing something more than tunes to brighten their sphere. For  years our glow was steady and as any natural light we all grew in our own ways. While radiating to the new I always harken back to the beginnings and never lose sight that voice and fiddle are two independent tools gracefully intertwined to make me. -Leah
WEISSHUND is a rock duo born from a raucous all-night, whiskey-fueled jam session in 2014. Rick Lollar (vocals, guitar) and Marlon Patton (drums and Moog bass pedals) focus on propulsive riffs and melodies, performing with the reckless abandon of a garage band.

Lollar and Patton, both seasoned performers, began playing music at a young age and later formally studied jazz. With WEISSHUND, they fuse that formal training and technicality with the raw, visceral power embodied by their earliest musical influences like John Bonham and Jimi Hendrix.

In addition to their work with WEISSHUND, the duo are also involved in the Atlanta music scene in a variety of other capacities — as writers, producers, session performers, and members of other touring acts, including: Jamison Ross, Lonnie Holley, Thayer Sarrano, Lera Lynn, Jim White, Larkin Poe, Leah Calvert, Delta Moon, Nelson Patton, and King Baby.

WEISSHUND recently finished recording their second EP, due out October 2017, at Studio G in Brooklyn. Whiskey was once again involved.



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