The 2020 LXXX You Awards: A Valentine's Day Soirée

Friday, February 14, 2020 — 8:00 pm

The 2020 LXXX You Awards: A Valentine's Day Soirée
New Square
15 Wall St Atlanta, GA 30303

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Event Description

The 2020 LXXX You Awards: A Valentine's Day Soirée

We're back again with all your Valentine's dreams and desires! This February 14th, join LXXX YOU 💔 Mammal Gallery 💔 The Bakery Atlanta for our annual feast of love and heartbreak.

Part live music, part art installations, part performances, part DJ sets, you won't want to miss this celebration of everything you hate to love 💔 Same great party, new great place as this will be our unofficial *Grand Opening* of New Square at Underground Atlanta!

The 2020 LXXX YOU awards will feature a star-studded cast of odd creatives that should and should not be invited out into public. The bottom line is they are all WINNERS and you will watch them WIN... HUGE... before your eyes. If you have already decided you are not going to have a good time on Valentine's Day this year - THIS IS THE EVENT FOR YOU!

Wander through the Tunnel of Love, give and get a smooch in the kissing booth, and enter the Love Lounge IF YOU DARE (*content warning: adult viewers only*). Have your atria adorned with the sounds of Your Friend, GLIB, and Lady Clementine's Fantastic Party. Food by 2nd cousins (a new project by Chef Nhan Le of Octopus Bar, 8arm, So Ba, SupremO, Three Heart). Drinks by PBR. This if your chance to eat, drink, feast, and be merry on this Seynt Valentynes day!

As always, we still have some secrets up our sleeves so come prepared for the unexpected! COMPLETE CHAOS + NOBODY GETS HURT = MAXIMUM FUN.