New Horizons: Our American Single Malt Whiskey Release, in Kilts

Saturday, November 18, 2017 — 12:00 pm

New Horizons: Our American Single Malt Whiskey Release, in Kilts
ASW Distillery
199 Armour Drive Suite C Atlanta, GA 30324

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Event Description

New Horizons: Our American Single Malt Whiskey Release, in Kilts

We're releasing our last new whiskey for many moons on Saturday, Nov. 18 from 12-5pm, and we invite you to join us!




This whiskey is our first traditional, 100% barley American Single Malt Whiskey, and will join Fiddler Bourbon, Resurgens Rye, Duality Double Malt, American Spirit Whiskey, and Armour & Oak Apple Brandy as our year-round staples, albeit a bit different (more on that below). This is your chance to try it first.

Oh, and some of us will even be wearing kilts for the release in homage to the Scottish heritage of the art form known as the Single Malt.

This long-awaited release will be the first in our Ameireaganach Single Malt Whiskey line, a series of releases that will allow us to showcase the immense flavor differences that slight changes in method & material often make when you combine the Old World method of traditional, double copper pot distillation with the New World method of grain-in distillation.




We've just finalized an incredibly (and incredibly fitting) Old World + New World menu from Atlanta's own Kevin Ouzts & The Spotted Trotter.

Choose any 2 of these 4 delicious options:

  1. Irish Banger with caramelized onion & mustard
  2. All Beef Hot Dog with Ratio Bake Shop brioche bun with all the fixins you want (relish, mustard, ketchup, etc.)
  3. House-made potato chips
  4. Fried Kale & Barley salad with Cranberries & Avocado 

We'll also have all our delicious whiskeys, brandy, Mules, Sazeracs & 2nd Best Old Fashioneds available, plus a Featured Smoked Cocktail.




Just to keep the Old World + New World theme going, we'll have a live Scottish band (with bagpipes & drums), a firepit, and a Scottish-style barrel roll game for you to enjoy out in the parking lot. The winner will receive a signed bottle of Ameireaganach Single Malt.

We hope to see you Saturday, Nov. 18!




What does Ameireaganach mean? It means "American" in Scottish, the land of the original Single Malt Whiskey.

How do you pronounce it? It's like"Americana"with an "ak" at the end. Bless you.

This first release, Huddled Mashes No. 1, is an homage to the rich immigrant tradition of America, celebrating the pioneers who have, from time immemorial, left familiar lands to carve out a better life on New World soils. It's a true, Speyside-style "fruit bomb" of a whiskey, full of strawberry jam, citrus, peach, vanilla & maybe even some guava (yes, guava) notes. And totally different than any of our other whiskies to date.

We distilled it from 57% two-row malted barley, 25% Munich malted barley, 15% cherry-smoked malted barley, and 3% chocolate malted barley, then matured it entirely in 53-gallon, new, char 3 American oak casks before bottling it at a hearty 92 proof.

This 1st Ameireaganach release will be distinct from future Ameireaganach releases, so come and try it soon if you can't make the release!




Last but not least, the label features a vignette from the shores of Acadia National Park, hand-lettering, a badass eagle crest, and, as always, foil.