Okey Dokey with Elijah Johnston and The Stews

Friday, June 11, 2021 — 10:00 pm

Okey Dokey with Elijah Johnston and The Stews
Music Room at Smith's Olde Bar
1578 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30324

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Event Description

Okey Dokey started as a passion project between two friends to create art that could withstand the test of time. Over the years, the band grew frustrated with the distance between themselves and their listeners. The listener being as essential as a tree is to its fruit. The artist equally so to the listener. What are veins if there is no blood to pump? What are beliefs with no thought? If Okey Dokey were to remain just a band, would the fruit still be as sweet? Would the body’s limbs still be equally filled with blood given the wall of separation between the artist and listener? The band decided to remove the separation and become something new. No longer shall there be two, but one. One community with one pulse all trusting in the higher powers harnessed by Okey Dokey. 


Elijah Johnston

Once jokingly described as “Billy Joel by way of Modern Baseball”, Elijah Johnston trades in classic guitar songwriting with a flare for the dramatic and an eye for the mundane. A son of the Atlanta suburbs, Elijah found his musical footing after relocating to the rich soil of Athens, GA, finding collaborators to help him marry his loves of lo-fi auteurs and garish pop tendencies. His first full-band studio records, 2019’s Wonderful and 2020’s Strangers, saw him outlining breakups and nervous first loves with anthemic precision and keen production from Andrew Blooms (Family and Friends, Brendan Abernathy) and Tommy Trautwein (Hotel Fiction, Well Kept). His upcoming record, again recorded alongside Trautwein, is promised to be a whirlwind collection of genre exercises pulling from the past 50 years of guitar-centric music, preceded by the warm and fuzzy lead single “Greatest Hits”.