Pop Up for Art - An Evening in Spain

Thursday, August 10, 2017 — 6:30 pm

Pop Up for Art - An Evening in Spain
Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery
1200 S Graham Street Charlotte, NC 28203

Ticket Information

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Event Description

Pop Up for Art - An Evening in Spain

“An Evening in Spain” is an immersive cultural experience through the Basque, Andalusian and Catalonian Regions of Spain, focusing on the food, art, and music of those regions. 


The Artisan’s Palate is a duo Chef and Artist team who are passionate supporters of all things artistic. Their mission is to celebrate the world and cultivate the idea "from the palette to the palate, a whole experience in artful expression.”  This event is designed to engage all the senses.  The tickets are $125 a person and will include carefully designed cuisine from the 3 regions prepared by the Artisan’s Palate’s Chef, Christa Csoka and guest Chef Majid Amoorpour.  Drinks that showcase the culture as well as an integrated presentation of music and art, presented by Artisan’s Palate’s, Darren Johnson will provide attendees with a fully immersive experience. 


A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Gold District of Charlotte and Brand the Moth.


The Gold District of Charlotte, Inc. is a 501c3 organization dedicated to preserving Charlotte’s gold mining history in an evolving neighborhood which celebrates arts and industry.  The Gold District is located in Historic Southend, an 115-acre enclave bordered by Morehead St, Winnifred St, Southwood Ave and Graham St.  Proceeds from this event will be used to reclaim and energize neglected alleyways throughout The Gold District with installations of art, lights, and hanging gardens.


Brand the Moth is a nonprofit for community-based projects and mural arts in the city of Charlotte. The arts teach us to explore inventive processes and excite new ways of looking at the world; in that way, we all become students through art. By bringing more murals to the streets of Charlotte, Brand the Moth changes how our community views art and opens up the possibilities for art education in the area.  They strive to, not only, beautify the areas they paint but also to inspire creative thought and healthy expression in early education as well as at-risk community members. Brand the Moth’s projects have great potential for fostering community togetherness and change.


Hosted at Coffey and Thompson Gallery whose Mission is to create beautiful and functional environments through the art that they sell, the frames that they build, the items they restore and the spaces that they design.


Featuring traditional Flamenco Guitarist, Daniel Hamdan and special guest Artist from Spain, Jonay Di Ragno, Abstract Expressionist


Please join us for the evening and immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine and artistic wonders that are Spain.