Friday, September 13, 2019 — 6:30 am

Colony Square
1201 Peachtree Street NE Building 400; The Helipad Atlanta, GA 30361

Ticket Information

We're sorry! This event is no longer selling tickets in advance. Check below for more information.

Event Description


In the wake of Hurricane Dorian and the devastation it has left in the Abaco Islands and Bahamas, Colony Square is hosting a special sunrise helipad yoga session led by Hotlanta Yoga's Damian Viera on Friday, September 13th, at 630am, benefitting those displaced.



  • Each ticket to experience REACH + RISE is $50 +applicable fees per guest. Note, a limited number of guests are permitted on the helipad and space will fill up quickly. 
  • A follow-up email with final details and information will be delivered the day before so that guests are prepared to bring the appropriate items.
  • 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to the Abaco Relief Fund. Details can be found by clicking here.



  • We encourage all guests to use public transportation (MARTA, Arrive/Depart from Arts Center Station), rideshare (Lyft, Uber) or walk. All guests will meet in Building 400 (located at 1201 Peachtree Street NE) elevator lobby between 5:45am-6:15am.
  • Complimentary parking vouchers will be given to guests who drove.
  • A member from Concierge will check-in each guest and escort the entire group, once everyone arrives.
  • Arriving late? Colony Square Security will escort you to the helipad.



  • Guests must be able to walk up five flights of stairs and not have any fear of heights. 
  • Colony Square Property Management is NOT responsible for injuries or accidents caused while on the helipad or any activities to follow.



Damian Viera is the Wellness Director at Baker's Bay Golf and Beach Club. He oversees the staff and member training and has evolved the Baker's Bay gym experience into a true Wellness Center designed to increase performance on every level for people in every stage of athleticism.  


Damian has worked in performance wellness for 23 years and has produced wellness strategies for thousands including celebrity clients and companies like The Golden Door Spas, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Netflix, Warner Bros., and Discovery Land Co. 


A true Lifestyle Engineer, Damian focuses on uncovering the many ways tailored fitness, nutrition, and recovery programs can enhance a person’s capabilities, knowing full well wellness begins in the mind and must include attainable and sustainable lifestyle habits.  


Damian’s ability to create results-driven, personalized workouts based on the demands of each individual’s unique physiology, goals, prior injuries and lifestyle allows him to take his clients to the next level. He builds each day on the day before, insuring that stressed areas are balanced and ready to engage during activity so that each individual’s performance is always at their best. His focus is on progressive movement and increasing skill level gradually to ensure sustained success. The recovery of muscular and neuromuscular stress is one of Damian’s specialties. Through healing the body and correcting movement patterns, he can increase agility making dynamic movement pain-free and fluid, creating efficiency in the body and increasing overall power. 


One of Damian’s most powerful lifestyle tools is his ability to design nutritional programs that are sustainable and effective. Bespoke nutrition is the best way to ensure results. Damian can get someone down to their goal weight, guaranteed, and has a proven track record with celebrity clients such as Jason Momoa who he recently cut for his role as Aquaman, DC’s highest-earning movie ever. Meeting weight loss goals is a matter of proper, lasting, lifestyle habits. Damian monitors his clients daily, making adjustments to nutrition, fitness, and recovery that support true transformation and sustained success. 



  • In the case of inclement weather, Colony Square will make the rain call by 5am on the event date.
  • In the event of rain, each ticket holder will be contacted and refunded their purchase.

For more information or questions, contact