Rome Christmas Crawl

Saturday, December 19, 2020 — 5:00 pm

Rome Christmas Crawl
Rome Christmas Crawl
227 Broad Street Rome, GA 30165

Ticket Information

We're sorry! This event is no longer selling tickets in advance. Check below for more information.

Event Description

Seasons Greetings!


Rome Christmas Crawl is a brand new event started to bring business to Downtown Rome and support a local charity.

This year, we are raising money for: 

The Hospitality House for Women


Participating bars include:

El Zarape
Mellow Mushroom
River Dog Outpost
The Foundry
La Scala
Rome City Brewing Company


Each participant will pick up their wristbands at Giggity’s Sports Bar & Grill which gives them exclusive discounted drinks for that night!
Also, every participant will receive a "passport" with each bar location listed that can be signed off and returned to the admission table for entry into our raffle!  
Every participant will be automatically entered into our raffle and there are going to be many opportunities to win prizes!


There will also be a Christmas themed Costume Contest!!!
(Costumes are not required to participate in the crawl)

See rules for further instructions! 

Any questions, please feel free to contact us here or



Event Start Time:
Outside of Giggity’s Sports Bar & Grill



The Rules:

1. Dress up! It’s like Halloween but at Christmas- whoo!! 🎉 We will be holding a costume contest and we want to see your best! To enter, the participant must upload a picture and tag our page on Facebook! We will contact you to receive your prize. 

2. Have fun! Bring your friends! The more the merrier! 

3. To be considered for the raffle, the participant must visit at least 5 bars that are participating in our event. The "passport" must be signed at each bar and then returned to the admission table at Giggity's to be entered. We will contact you to collect your prize.

4. Be respectful. Being too drunk &/or disorderly in public will bring a bad reputation to our new event! We hope that this will become a tradition and want the first year to be amazing! Also, remember that downtown is not open container so please, finish your drinks before moving on to the next bar location! 

5. Make sure you always tip the good people who are serving you. We want to be able to do this again next year, so be polite and cultivate the goodwill of the local community.

6. As far as your refreshments, please try to pay as you go so the bar can move quickly for everyone. 

7. Please don’t drink & drive. The Roman Chariot will be running that night to help everyone get up and down Broad Street safely! Check public transport, carpool with a designated sober driver, make arrangements to sleep over at someone's place etc. Be safe!

8. Tell your friends and get them involved! We are supporting a local charity for this event!

9. For the purpose of Christmas Crawl, "Christmas" is the name of a popular secular holiday and has no religious connotations (much like the word "holiday"). This doesn't mean we don't respect religious views. It's just silly fun.

10. Have a very Merry Christmas and have fun!