Roswell Magazine 2019 Live Music'fest

Thursday, June 27, 2019 — 4:00 pm

Roswell Magazine 2019 Live Music'fest
Roswell MusicFest 2019
Various Venues (See Website) Roswell, GA 30075

Ticket Information

We're sorry! This event is no longer selling tickets in advance. Check below for more information.

Event Description

Roswell Magazine 2019 Live Music'fest

SOLD OUT!!!!  As of 11:30am, Sunday, June 30

All venues in our Sunday lineup have agreed to open to the public complimentary because we sold out of wristbands. GO ENJOY THE LIVE MUSIC!!


Roswell Magazine is presenting the inaugural Roswell Live Music'fest to kick off what will be an annual event held the last weekend in June each year!

Tickets on sale here for just $36. KIDS under 12 are FREE with parent wristband wearer. Please see FAQs at which will answer 99% of the questions you may have about RMF2019.

Live music is better.   NEIL YOUNG

Twenty-three years ago, during the 1996 Olympics, there was a big music festival in various venues throughout the City of Roswell. Today, we are excited to present the Roswell Magazine 2019 Music’fest with 20+ venues featuring an expected 50+ local bands, musicians, duos, trios, orchestras and ensembles. The city will be filled with music Thursday, June 27 through Sunday, June 30. Epic - unlike anything Roswell has experienced before.





This event does not take place in one central location - it's deliberately set up to take place all over town --- shine the light on how important live music is to our community, and we are working closely with venues, restaurants, galleries and other local business owners to hire musicians to support Georgia-based live music. Some venues do not normally offer music, but are hiring musicians for RMF2019. Those who regularly offer music are hiring more musicians than they normally would just for RMF. Wristband wearers will get a map showing where and when to find the music, which will also be posted online by June 24!

I BOUGHT A TICKET. WHERE/WHEN DO I GET MY WRISTBAND: You can pick-up your wristbands at the Roswell Visitors Center ( during their regular business hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (June 24-26) prior to the festival -- and you can avoid any lines over the weekend.

OR - Pick up your wristbands at the RMF festival registration table, which is located in the parking lot at Roswell City Hall (38 Hill Street), which also happens to be the best place to park. A second table will be at Gypsy Rose. On the weekend, a third table will be at Oak Street Stage. Registration will be open throughout the festival weekend during these hours:
Thursday, June 27: 4-8pm at Gypsy Rose or 5:30-9pm at City Hall
Friday, June 28:  4-8pm at Gypsy Rose or 5:30 - 9pm at City Hall
Saturday, June 29: 9am - 9pm at City Hall, Gypsy Rose and Oak Street Stage
Sunday, June 30: 10am - 6pm at  Gypsy Rose and Oak Street Stage

City Hall is a great place to park.

The weekend line-up and participating venue list can both be found here:

We are only featuring Georgia based bands & musicians at the Roswell Music'fest because our hearts are with local artists first. Sorry, Nashville.

WRISTBANDS: Wear your wristband all weekend to get in and out of any show, workshop or related event. Some venues require a wristband for entry (these are marked on line-up), but some will still be open to the public, with or without a wristband. Each will be providing extra love (specials) to wristband holders all weekend. 

GIVE BACK: We are all about local and are taking this opportunity to help raise funds for 3 local, charitable, music-related organizations: 

1. Klaasical Music - is a Roswell-based organization providing new and gently used instruments for local school children who can't afford to be a part of the school band because they can't afford to rent or buy an instrument. $1 of EVERY wristband (up to 1,000) will be donated to them. Also, the volunteers will be collecting new or gently used instruments at festival check-in. Often time, musicians first catch the music bug in the school band! Some of these children helped might be playing in the RMF in 2029!

2. The George Center Foundation is a Roswell-based provider of music therapy for underpriveleged and special needs children and families. $1 of every wristband (starting with the 1001st sold to 1999) will be donated to these fine folks.

3. Roswell High School Band - PLEASE buy a raffle ticket or two for a chance to win a brand new 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sport soft top 4×4, 3.6L-V6 with manual transmission. The grand prize is valued at $29,540.00 or $10,000 cash payout.  All proceeds of the raffle tickets will help the band buy a new Semi Trailer and musical instruments!  Simply order your ticket(s) here and the Band Boosters will send the ticket(s) to your email address.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE YOUR WRISTBAND, READ THIS: There are more than enough venues, performances, acts and live music experiences each day and all weekend to ensure you end each day with a song stuck in your head. However, some acts are bigger than others, and all shows are first come entry only.  If you have your heart set on seeing that ONE band, then you need to get to that venue as early as possible so you have a better chance of getting what you want. To register for a specific Gypsy Rose show, in advance, please do so at the time of purchase.