Sons N Britches w/ Gina Gailey

Saturday, June 16, 2018 — 7:00 pm

Sons N Britches w/ Gina Gailey
Velvet Underground at Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta
215 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303

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Sons N Britches w/ Gina Gailey

Doors: 6:00 pm

All Ages



Sons N Britches


This Ain't Your Mama's Country, this ain't your Daddy's Blues, we call it Cotton Pickin', digging

our roots". That's the opening line to the band's anthem "The Real Dirty South" and it sums up

the essence of the band. Three of the members have been playing in bands together since

childhood. Growing up in the Due West Community on the outskirts of Kennesaw, GA, these

boys had a slew of musical mentors. Local jams in neighborhood music stores and backyard

barbeques provided fertile ground for a sound and style distinctly their own.


In 2010, Chris Grubb (bass) joined the band. Chris fit right in and added the musical dynamic

and personality that the group needed. Stacy Brown (drums) later joined the group and gave

them a rock-solid foundation. With all the right pieces in place, the group set out to write and

record their first album together. The album “Live Bait, Cold Beer & Gasoline” showcases the

band’s distinctive style. Many of the songs from the album have been aired and well received

on some of the biggest Country radio stations in the Atlanta area.


Sons-N-Britches are currently working on their second album together. In addition to their

original material, S-N-B blends traditional Country Classics with the hard driving edge of

Southern-style Blues. We call it cotton pickin’…music that makes you think of a tall glass of

sweet iced tea on Granny’s front porch, followed up later that night by a swig of Grandpa’s

moonshine back behind the barn! Whether playing barefoot on the back porch or for an

audience of 10,000, S-N-B always leaves people talkin’ and toes tappin’!