Stand-Up Comedy Class: Winter Intensive • January 25 & 26

Saturday, January 25, 2020 — 11:00 am

Stand-Up Comedy Class: Winter Intensive • January 25 & 26
Stand Up Live
2012 Memorial Parkway SW Huntsville, AL 35801

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Stand-Up Comedy Class: Winter Intensive • January 25 & 26

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Stand-Up Comedy Class: Winter Intensive

 Have You Ever Wanted to try Stand-Up Comedy; but Didn’t know where to start? This Class is for you! In two days we’ll give you all the tips, tricks, and techniques you’ll need to start doing stand-up! Whether it’s been a lifelong dream, you just want to get better at public speaking, or you need a new hobby, let our experienced comedians guide you!

This class’s instructor will be Scott Eason! Scott has been doing comedy for most of a decade! He runs, and books, the extremely popular Epic Comedy Hour- the best independent comedy show in the region, if not the nation! In addition to regular appearances at some of the country’s hottest, and most selective, Comedy Festivals; Scott regularly opens and features for some of the biggest names in comedy. He can regularly be seen on stage at Stand-Up Live in Huntsville, Zanies in Nashville, The Star Dome in Birmingham, and many others! Now he’s lending his voice, and experience, to set You on the path to comedy success!

This class is intended to help new and beginner comedians become more comfortable speaking in front of people, from the stage. We cover everything from stage etiquette and best practices, to how to write a joke and how to transition between jokes. At the end of this intensive two days, participants will have a solid foundation of knowledge that will let them build their first 5, or even 10, minute set! These sets are the foundation all comics start with, to get booked on local Showcases, and to build their career!

Classes, much like comedy sets, have an overarching structure, but are subject to the audience. While we will have clear goals each day, students will dictate the pace and particularities of the class! These classes are for you; and will respond to your needs and wants!
Class 1: Comedy Basics. This class is designed to cover the Basics of what comedy is, and how it’s done. We’ll review basic terminology (“set”, “chunk”, “bit”, etc), different types of stand-up comedy, and standard joke structures. We’ll also cover standard best practices for successful comedians- writing every day; setting realistic short, medium, and long -term goals; and cultivating an encouraging support system.
Class 2: Performance Essentials. Did you know that 90% of comedians do the exact same thing the second they take the stage? Regardless of style, gimmick, or any other difference, the vast majority of comedians take the microphone out of the mic clip, and move the mic stand to the back of the stage. In this class, we’ll cover why most comedians do this, and why some don’t. We’ll address stage fright, and strategies for overcoming it. We’ll discuss How to Properly hold a Microphone; How to Connect to an Audience; and How to Deal with Bombing. We’ll also cover the basics of the comedy business: How to Approach Bookers; How to Treat Club Staff; How to Best Use Social Media.

Finally, each student will get the opportunity to perform in front of their class and receive constructive feedback from experienced comics!