The BONGOS w/ Pylon Reenactment Society @ The EARL

Friday, February 21, 2020 — 7:30 pm

The BONGOS w/ Pylon Reenactment Society @ The EARL
488 Flat Shoals Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30316

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Event Description

The Bongos were a power pop band from Hoboken, New Jersey, primarily active in the 1980s, led by Richard Barone. With their unique musical style, they were major progenitors of the Hoboken pop scene, college radio favorites, and made the leap to national recognition with the advent of MTV. Their breakthrough song "Numbers With Wings" garnered the group a major cult following and was nominated at the first MTV Video Music Awards. Along with a handful of others, the Bongos were instrumental in the advancement of the Alternative Rock movement.


Richard Barone: Vocals, guitar

James Mastro: Guitar, vocals

Rob Norris: Bass, vocals

Frank Giannini: Drums, vocals