The Colour Negative w/ Polymath and Avery Gipson

Friday, May 18, 2018 — 8:00 pm

The Colour Negative w/ Polymath and Avery Gipson
Velvet Underground at Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta
215 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303

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The Colour Negative w/ Polymath and Avery Gipson

All Ages Event



The Colour Negative


 Fashionable and authentic, The Colour Negative brings a refreshing energy to the Atlanta music scene. With introspective lyrics, driving melodies, soulful riffs and Taylor's enthralling falsetto, these pop trendsetters will be quickly added to your favorite playlist. Consisting of front man, Ian Taylor (vocals, guitar, keys), London Taylor (bass, backing vocals), and Grant Godbee (guitar), this group continues to press forward in pursuit of their passion: music. Ian states the band's drive: “In a world full of uncertainty and hopelessness, we want to show people a greater hope to believe in. This band is our attempt at bringing light into dark places.”


In 2014, the band released their debut, self-titled album consisting of songs they had written over the course of their high school career. Themes of loneliness, love and triumph can be found all over the album from high energy songs like "Resistant Heart" to deeper tones like "Man on the Moon". The band toured the record around the South East while continuing to work on new music. As the band matured, so did their music. In 2016, the band released the EP, "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, I Miss You", which includes their most popular song, "Somebody" with a total of 8,000 plays on Spotify. The band stepped into the world of pop music by incorporating more synth driven songs tied with their roots of 80's inspired guitars. Songs like "Next 2 Me" and "City's Calling U" define love as something worth pursuing, while "Never Wanna Escape" brings the anthemic sounds inspired by the band's travels to New York City.


Most recently in 2017, the band took a much needed break from playing shows. The 3 wanted to focus on their craft, sound, and purpose. On December 14, 2017, the band released their new EP titled "Reflections, Vol. 2". The band re-wrote and re-recorded songs from their debut album that they felt were the most representative of them in their current season. Every song, every graphic, and every part associated with the project was done by the band as a creative choice to display their many talents. Believing this project will mark a new beginning for the band, The Colour Negative plans on moving forward into this new season with shows, music, and more in 2018.


A statement from the band on "Reflections, Vol. 2": "This EP is rooted in a different time in our lives. Even though the songs were written by our younger selves we’ve found their relevancy still holds true currently. We want this EP to be a chance to revise and rebirth past creativity, and to be a bridge from who we once were to who we are now. We believe the weight of these words represent our heritage. They represent our progress out of the dark days that shaped us and the life we have shared.”





Logan Riley Carroll and Tanner Scott Corley spent several years separately writing and performing in various groups with a diverse range of genres. It wasn't until they met at Anderson University that the duo began working together, pulling from their respective musical backgrounds to produce a sound that was more unique than either could have ever envisioned. 

When the band began to take form, the idea of including all friends in the group was installed. Whether they be playing an instrument, holding a camera, or creating an art piece that can be featured on stage or a poster, each individual that participated was adopted into the family. This quickly became the group's mission statement and the name "Polymath" seemed to fit naturally as it embodied the values expressed.



Avery Gipson


Avery Gipson is a 17 yr-old award-winning singer-songwriter from Atlanta who attends the Lovett School. In January 2016, after just turning 15, Avery played her first open mic and "won," securing a spot in Eddie's Attic Bi-Annual Open Mic Shootout. Since then, she has played in the past 3 shootouts at Eddie's, making it to the finals in June 2017, as well as played in the last two shootouts at Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth. In November 2016, Avery was named a National YoungArts Foundation Merit Winner for Voice-Singer/Songwriter.


 Avery has opened for such acts as Jared&Amber, Darrin Bradbury, and Jacob Harshman and continues to write and perform as often as possible. She plays next in the Finals of the Tin Roof Acoustic Showdown on January 19. In addition to her personal music, Avery sings in her church and school honors chorus and is the vocalist for the Lovett Ellington Jazz Ensemble.