The Dazy Chains // Shameless James // Lovechild

Saturday, May 1, 2021 — 9:00 pm

Door Time: 8:00 pm

The Dazy Chains // Shameless James // Lovechild
Music Room at Smith's Olde Bar
1578 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30324

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Event Description

The Dazy Chains

From metal to marching band, the experience of the members of The Dazy Chains culminates into a unique and unlikely musical synergy. Started in Athens GA by guitarists Jack Faught and Jack Weatherby after the fall out of their mediocre cover band, the addition of Daniel Hogan’s traditional yet inventive drumming and Caitlin Santos’s grooving, harmonic bass lines completed the vision of the two guitar players, and even twisted it into something new entirely. The freeform, jazzy jams the band loves to improvise through often find themselves laced with a psychedelic taste of grunge when metal guitarist Jack Faught can no longer hold back on hitting his distortion pedal, and on the drums, Daniel is quick to evolve the tone to shift the songs into unforeseen directions. They often find themselves ending songs with the expansive solos of Jack Weatherby, a jam-band fan through and through who’s solos are involved enough that you feel like you are being told a story that transcends time.


Shameless James

Shameless James is a psychedelic rock band based in Athens, Georgia. After several iterations, the band’s current lineup has cemented itself as an experimental creative outlet, combining influences from an array of musical palettes. While the band’s recorded music features elements of hard rock, southern rock, grunge, and jam, the band keeps live performances even more unpredictable with additional textures, improvisation, and ever changing setlists. The band’s roster currently consists of Mackenzie Brown (Guitar/Vocals), Zac Connely (Bass), Dallas Wiggins (Drums), and Zach Tellano (Keys/Guitar).



Lovechild, a blues rock fusion consisting of Elijah Haller (Bass), Ethan Parks (Drums), Sam Epstein (Guitar, Vocals), and Aidan Babuka Black (Keys, Vocals). What started as a jam between friends, turned into a musical outlet of creativity. With inspiration ranging from the Grateful Dead to Stevie Wonder, Lovechild’s goal is to keep the jam alive.