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How to Find the Best Deals on Events & Tickets

written by Keith Neely , 9 months ago
written by Keith Neely , 9 months ago
Tips & Advice

When shopping around for events in your area it might result in some headache when it comes to pricing - for example: Why is Ticketmaster more than Stub Hub? Why are seats sold out from this vendor and not that vendor? In this guide we’ll share with you our expert advice on sourcing deals on tickets for events.

Why Do Ticket Prices Fluctuate? 

Before you purchase event tickets and find the best deals it’s important to understand how ticket prices work and why ticket prices fluctuate on each website. 

Supply & Demand

For tickets that are selling quickly, some ticketing websites may place a soft damper on ticket sales by temporarily increasing the price of tickets to slow sales down and increase the revenue.

TIP: Don’t visit the event page more than once per browser session without clearing your browser cache - some sites raise the price per visit even if it’s by a dollar, it’s sometimes not enough to even notice (this applies for travel sites too)

Seat Availability

Before any event with selectable seating you’ll have to choose your seat selection - this part is where it tends to fluctuate the most. Refunds do occur before shows and with that, some websites might offer refunded seats for a lower rate to help get that sale back. On the other side of the coin, if more sales are going to higher-priced seats, prices might get more of an increase just as we’ve discussed with supply & demand.

Finding the Best Ticket Deals: Here’s How

There are a lot of different steps when you are trying to score the best deals. We’ll cover the least-worthy methods to the most effective methods. Continue reading now to learn how to find the best ticket deals for events you want to attend.

Follow Event Organizers on Social Media

If there’s an event - there’s a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat to follow. Event organizers and event centers run and operate their own social media and if you’re lucky you can catch free tickets from either source. 

Using AI and Ticket Bots to Snatch Tickets

Although a practice we don’t suggest (because it could be illegal in your area) it’s one to do the trick but it can also net you some loss too. Here’s how automation with ticket sales work: 

  • Set up the bot with your custom URL parameters to track the price on the page
  • Set update intervals for how often to recheck
  • Set your purchase max price or your purchase low price
  • Let the bot purchase within your threshold using automation and AI calculations

If you’d like more information on this practice check out this guide on ticket bots.

The alternative which we do suggest is to use AI for price checkers. There are a lot of tools out there to do this and we suggest doing your own research for which tool will work the best but here’s how they work:

  • Set your URL parameters
  • Set your notifications for how much or how little you’ll pay
  • Configure ALL URLs for ALL websites
  • Wait to be notified for price changes in your specified range
  • Manually purchase the tickets

Buying Discount Tickets from Friends, Family or Strangers

Do be careful when buying second-hand tickets as sometimes you may fall victim to scams or outrageous fees from scalpers. However, that said - be sure to ask around in relevant groups on social media or friends who may be attending - this is a great way to get tickets and sometimes even free tickets! 

Buying Tickets from Cheap & Reputable Online Retailer FreshTix

Yep, we’re promoting ourselves here. FreshTix makes the ticket buying process easy and fast and we don’t do any form of trickery on our tickets. The price you see is the price you’ll pay. It’s the best price that we could negotiate with the event organizers.

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Thanks For Reading!

Did you learn anything useful today? Let us know if so! Remember, stay away from Scalpers and avoid websites that change the price depending on how often you check it. Your best bet is always trusted sites like FreshTix or friends, family and trusted folks.

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