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The AWESOME Freshtix Marketing team is here to provide promotional support for all of your events to help you drive ticket sales! 

Marketing and Promotional support for events can make all the difference when it comes to moving tickets

The Freshtix Marketing team will work you to create and launch campaigns designed to drive more sales!

In-House Marketing & Graphic Design

One of the best things about using Freshtix is your access to promotional support from our in-house Marketing and Graphic Design team. In addition to features on, we’ll promote your event via social media, blogs, and our weekly eNewsletters that reach almost half a million subscribers. We can also work with you on setting up Google Analytics for your event pages, as well as setting up retargeting and other social media ad campaigns.

Integrated Marketing Tools

Using our automated social share software, you can effortlessly boost your sales on Facebook and X (previously known as Twitter). Maximize your online ticket sales and amplify your reach with seamless integrations across platforms like Facebook Ads, Adroll, Criteo, Google Ads, and more. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or SendGrid to create and send targeted email campaigns, event reminders, and promotional messages to potential attendees.

Seamless Integration with Google Analytics' GA4

Freshtix offers seamless integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to provide event organizers with comprehensive insights into their event page traffic, audience behavior, and conversion metrics. Freshtix automatically tracks key events such as ticket purchases, page views, and conversion actions on the event page, allowing event organizers to monitor and analyze user interactions throughout the ticketing process. Event organizers can easily connect their Freshtix event website with their Google Analytics GA4 account by following simple setup instructions provided within the Freshtix dashboard.

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