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Freshtix FreshTips: How to Create An Event Organizer Survival Kit

Meet our Event Organizer Survival Kit. Organizing an event or festival is stressful. With a million moving parts, it’s easy to forget about the sma...Read more

by Nicholas Crusie, 3 months ago

10 Reasons to use Freshtix for your Music Venue

14 years ago when we started in the ticketing business, the bigger ticketing companies weren’t interested in small music clubs. We were. We knew we...Read more

by Nicholas Crusie, 3 months ago

Choosing the Correct Ticket Type for Your Venue

Every day, more music venues are choosing to work directly with Freshtix- and it’s easy to see why. From our simple report sharing module , which e...Read more

by Nicholas Crusie, 3 months ago

Promote Upcoming Events with Your Branded Venue Calendar

In an exciting trend that has extended into February of 2018, Music Venues have continued to choose Freshtix as their primary ticket-selling platfo...Read more

by Nicholas Crusie, 5 months ago

How to Find the Best Deals on Events & Tickets

When shopping around for events in your area it might result in some headache when it comes to pricing - for example: Why is Ticketmaster more than...Read more

by Keith Neely, 7 months ago

Freshtix Adds Memberships

Freshtix began life 5 years ago when our first client, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, needed a way for garden members to purchase tickets to their a...Read more

by Keith Neely, 9 months ago

The Battle for the Best Ticket Selling Platform

In this article, we highlight some of the top players in online ticketing including Freshtix, Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, and StubHub.

by Keith Neely, 9 months ago

The Benefits of Selling Early Bird & VIP Tickets

Do you want to maximize your ticket sales for your event? Early bird and VIP ticket offerings are an amazing way to do just that. In this article, ...Read more

by Keith Neely, 9 months ago