Top 10 Features to Look For In Online Ticketing Software

written by Keith Neely , about 1 month ago
written by Keith Neely , about 1 month ago

Choosing the right event ticketing system is a game-changer for event organizers. It's the backbone of how you sell tickets, interact with attendees, and manage your event. The best event ticketing software does more than just sell tickets; it simplifies your workload and enhances the experience for your attendees. This is where FreshTix comes in. Designed with event organizers in mind, FreshTix offers a blend of simplicity and efficiency, making it a top choice among ticketing software companies. Whether you're hosting a local gathering or a large festival, FreshTix caters to your needs with its user-friendly and versatile platform.

Feature 1: Accept Payments Online

Flexibility in payment processing is key. FreshTix's ticket sales software allows you to use our merchant account or integrate with your own, including options like PayPal, Square, or Clover. They provide the convenience of early payouts, and a centralized system to track payments and manage refunds, making the financial aspect of event management seamless and efficient.

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Feature 2: Ticketing Add-on Fees

With FreshTix, you have the control to add convenience or other fees to your ticket sales. This flexibility allows you to offset operational costs without impacting customer satisfaction. Whether it's a flat fee or a percentage, the choice is yours, and 100% of these add-on fees go straight to your bottom line, enhancing your revenue per ticket.

Feature 3: Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to event management. Real-time reporting and analytics are critical for understanding your audience and making informed decisions. FreshTix’s event ticket management software provides comprehensive real-time data, from ticket sales to attendee demographics. These insights help you tailor your marketing efforts, anticipate event needs, and enhance overall attendee satisfaction. With FreshTix, you're hosting an event while equipped with the tools to understand and grow your audience.

Feature 4: Customizing and Branding

Your event's branding is crucial, and FreshTix understands this too. With our event ticketing system, you can customize a vibrant, mobile-friendly event template complete with your color themes, logos, videos, and more. This level of customization ensures your branding is cohesive across all aspects of your event, making selling tickets online much easier and more engaging.

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Ready to make your event uniquely yours? With FreshTix, you have the power to personalize every aspect of your ticketing experience. Start crafting an event ticketing system that truly reflects your event's personality.

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Feature 5: Reserved Seating

FreshTix takes reserved seating to a new level. Our partnership with enables you to design custom seating plans that cater to your specific needs, whether for safety considerations like social distancing or maximizing event capacity. With our intuitive mobile purchasing experience and a variety of seating options, FreshTix ensures a smooth process for both organizers and attendees.

Feature 6: Scalability

One of the most significant aspects of the best event ticketing software is its ability to scale. Whether you are organizing a small community event or a large-scale festival, FreshTix offers the scalability to suit your needs. This flexibility is cemented into FreshTix's design, allowing you to expand your event's reach without switching platforms. Our online ticketing software adapts to your event's size, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, regardless of the number of attendees. This makes FreshTix a go-to solution for both burgeoning events and established large-scale gatherings.

Feature 7: Mobile Tickets

Ticketing software companies that have a mobile ticketing feature are on top of their game. FreshTix offers a mobile-optimized ticketing experience, ensuring that your attendees can purchase and receive their tickets effortlessly on their smartphones. Their ticket scanning app, available on iOS and Android, adds convenience and speed to your event entry process, embracing the trend towards contactless ticketing.

Feature 8: Customer Support

Reliable customer support is a big green flag of effective event management. When you're dealing with online ticketing software, questions and issues are bound to arise. Having a responsive and helpful customer support team can make a world of difference. FreshTix excels in this area, offering comprehensive support options. Whether it's through call centers, email, or live chat, FreshTix ensures that help is always just a few clicks away. This dedication to customer service not only solves problems quickly but also builds trust and reliability with your audience.

Feature 9: Social Media Integration

In today's connected world, social media integration is vital for event marketing. FreshTix makes this easy, allowing you to manage your event's presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from a single point. This feature not only streamlines your marketing efforts but also enhances attendee engagement, encouraging them to share their plans and experiences with their social networks.

Feature 10: Ticket Scanning

Efficient ticket scanning is crucial for smooth event entry. FreshTix's ticket scanning technology is designed for speed and reliability, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It syncs in real-time with your sales, supports manual lookup, and has built-in fraud detection, ensuring a hassle-free check-in process for your event staff and attendees.

Join the Future of Ticketing with FreshTix

Ready to revolutionize your event ticketing? With FreshTix, you get a user-friendly, secure, and scalable platform that integrates seamlessly into your event ecosystem. Embrace the future of ticketing with a solution that values customer support, sustainability, and innovation. Choose FreshTix for an event ticketing system that goes beyond just selling tickets – it's about creating successful, memorable events.

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