Promotional Items For Events

If you're organizing an event, you're going to need promotional items. Promotional items for events are perfect branding opportunities for beer festivals, wine festivals, food festivals and music festivals. You can sell the branding of a stadium cup to your headline sponsor or include your event logo and partners on your custom can coolers. Selling sponsorship on promotional giveaways for your event is an easy additional source of revenue for any venue, festival or event

Top 10 Most Popular Promotional Items for Your Event

  1. Can coolers (Koozies) - this is one of the most economical promotional items we recommend (shop can coolers)
  2. Stadium Cups - can be used all year round, not just at your event, and they are reusable too (shop stadium cups)
  3. Sunglasses - who doesn't love an extra pair of sunglasses printed with your event logo or sponsor logo (shop custom sunglasses)
  4. Bottle coolers - nice cold, ice-cold beer wrapped with your sponsor or festival logo (shop bottle coolers)
  5. Blankets
  6. Stickers
  7. Cinch bags/drawstring bag
  8. Aluminum water bottle sports bottle. Providing free water at a water station at your event is key. These reusable water bottles can be branded with your logo on one side and a sponsor logo on the other (shop custom water bottle)
  9. Beer glasses
  10. Tote bags- (shop tote bags)

You can sell most of these items at your event or venue or give them away. They also make great prizes for sponsor activations.

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