Freshtix has developed ticketing solution features to help event organizers sell tickets and promote events along with many other things. Below we have listed our best solutions along with bullet points listing how Freshtix can help organizers in those areas. 



Sell Tickets        

·         Credit card sales on-site

·         Custom URL

·         Customizable order confirmation message

·         Digital tickets

·         Printed thermal tickets, mobile tickets and printable tickets.

·         Box Office Software for on-site ticket sales

·         Customizable Print-At-Home tickets

·         Issue complimentary tickets

·         Mobile tickets

·         One listing for multiple recurring events

·         One-page checkout

·         Private events (not listed)

·         Public event listings

·         Product training

·         Reserved seating

·         Standard checkout form

·         Unlimited events

·         Unlimited ticket types


Promote Your Event & Grow Attendance       

·         100% mobile-optimized purchase flow

·         Abandoned order emails

·         Attendee social sharing tools

·         Custom branded Community pages

·         Distribution to partner websites

·         Email marketing integrations

·         Digital marketing to Freshtix subcribers

·         Track customer data & ask for feedback

·         Search engine optimized event listings

·         Public listing on Freshtix.com

·         Remarketing integration with AdRoll/Facebook/Google

·         Sell on your website

·         Facebook Integration

·         Upload and invite attendees to your event

·         Update attendees prior/during/after your event


Streamline & Improve Operations        

·         Ability to self-manage with full support

·         Access to Freshtix open API

·         Attendee check-in via app

·         Door time management

·         Easily cancel events

·         Free equipment to use at your event*

·         Free staff to work your event*

·         Free ticket scanning app

·         Freshtix organization / venue page

·         Import tickets from a different platform

·         RFID for access control**

·         RFID for cashless payments**

·         Scheduled reporting

·         Ticket scanning via app


Track Sales & Improve Performance               

·         Detailed analytics by ticket type

·         Detailed exports of all data

·         Google Analytics integration

·         iOS and Android Event Organizer mobile app

·         Sales/RSVP summary dashboard

·         Self-service tracking pixels

·         Survey integrations

Secure Processing          

·         Accepts all major credit cards

·         Integrated with PayPal payments

·         Payout by direct deposit, check, wire, or PayPal deposit

·         PCI-DSS 3.2 Level 1 compliance

·         Secure payment processing


Superior Support            

·         Online Help Center

·         Email support

·         Call center open 7 days a week

·         Business hour chat support - 7 days a week

·         Business hour phone support - 7 days a week

·         After hours phone support during event operation


* Minimum threshold must be met.

** Requires 3rd party integration.