About Freshtix

Freshtix is the brainchild of ticketing veterans, and Ticket Alternative Co-Founders, Iain Bluett and Jamie Dwyer. While Ticket Alternative serves large venues like The Fox Theatre, and the Classic Center, they realized smaller venues and events still have big needs.

That’s where Freshtix comes in. Freshtix launched in 2014 to serve event organizers who wanted to have full control over their events. You don’t need to be an experienced event organizer to use Freshtix. Our software strives to serve small events and venues as well as large ones. We’ll support you from start to finish as you organize your first event.

For major events we'll bring staff to help you onsite at the event and even lend you the extra equipment you need.

We believe in keeping life fresh and that means providing a solution that benefits awesome events of all varieties and sizes. With Freshtix you can list a small free event to collect RSVPs or a large multi-day music festival with tens of thousands of attendees.

10+ years in ticketing has taught us a few things about organizer and event needs. In less than 3 minutes, you can be selling tickets online to your event. It is that easy. We also have a host of tools for onsite use. Scan ticket holders in with mobile apps or sell tickets at the door with mobile devices tablets and laptops.

Our in-house call center will answer questions, sell tickets and even help your customers with directions to the venue or a place to stay near the event.

So what makes us so undeniably Fresh?
  • Our solution is easier to use than our competitors
  • Our fees are as low as they can be
  • Our feature-set is ever-evolving based on the needs of our customers
  • Our support is proven and unparalleled
  • Our marketing and promotion will help you sell more tickets than with any other provider
  • But enough about us, let’s see how you keep life fresh. Go forth and build your event!

At Freshtix, we’re making it easier to sell tickets online with our free event registration software.
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